XC Technology


Launched: 2014

A revolutionary digital currency that is more than just a store of value. XC is built on Blockchain 2.0, a flexible digital platform which allows easy integration for current and future XCurrency applications. With a ground-breaking platform for private transactions, communication, and services, XCurrency differentiates itself from other cryptocurrencies with its boldly pragmatic, real-world approach.

Ease of use
Messaging and chatting

The XC network is made up of two parts: (1) the standard XC network, made up of computers running the XC App, and (2) the anonymous XC network, which is run by XC Nodes. All apps that are open and connected to the network while holding coins are a part of the standard XC network. This network is very similar to what other cryptocurrencies currently use.

The XC anonymous network, on the other hand, is something entirely different. It can be accessed from any XC App, but if a user designates a transaction to be sent anonymously, it is processed by the XC Nodes which make up the anonymizing portion of the network.

No Bloat

XCurrency is able to use standard transactions, but multi-path then achieves an extremely high level of privacy combined with a high degree of prunability. This allows XC to avoid blockchain bloat, even with full mobile integration.


Because every XC App can function as an XC Node, this allows XC to avoid what Bitcoin core developer Gregory Maxwell has recently called a security “chokepoint” in some other coins’ use of semi-centralized nodes to forward transactions. Unlike most other anonymous strategies, XC avoids the need to hold a very large amount of coins in order for an XC Node to function. This is made possible due to the small, random transaction sizes of XC’s multi-path architecture. The smaller capital requirement to run an XC Node benefits the XC network by allowing more XC Nodes to exist, increasing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the anonymous network.

Network security

XC uses multi-sig and end-to-end message encryption. This solution improves upon the more common practice of simply forwarding transactions, which can be problematic because malicious actors can steal transactions instead of forwarding them. Another issue resolved by the XC approach is XC Nodes cannot snoop on the broadcasting system and publish the identities of senders and receivers.

Not just for payments

From the onset, XC was designed to take advantage of Blockchain 2.0 architecture. This makes implementations such as secure messaging, secure chatting, and decentralized cloud storage possible. XC’s comprehensive approach to incorporating current and trending technologies provides a stable platform on which to implement exciting new ideas and features in the future.